A car show girl is a model hired to represent an auto manufacturer at an auto show. A car show model is usually an attractive female that is able to speak intelligently about the make and model of auto she is representing.

Car show models serve two purposes;

  1. Engage your customers and increase consumer interest
  2. Educate consumers about features and specs of a given vehicle

Experienced car show models are an ideal solution to represent your brand at an auto show. They will attract customers with their professional presence and confident presentation. A great smile and warm hello are sure to stop visitors long enough for the model to engage them in the latest technology or luxurious comfort your auto has to offer.

Auto show models will study and learn everything you need them to in regards to the make and model they are representing. Think of your car show model as an extension of your automobile. She will be able to appeal to the tech geek when she articulates your latest Bluetooth technology, the gear head with her knowledge of horse power, or the eco conscience when she discusses mileage. After hearing about your auto and seeing it sparkle under professional lighting, a consumer should be enticed enough to visit a dealer and give it a test drive.



Car Show Girls Attract Attention

Car shows are extremely popular. Why are they so popular? The answer is cars and more cars. Sure, dealers want to show off their new offerings but there is much more to an auto show and a car show model is the perfect way to capitalize on your big event.

Auto dealers are competing for the same group of visitors. Your car show girl will attract their attention by her physical beauty and professional attire. Attendees or press will notice her, especially with her friendly smile and approachable demeanor.


Car Show Models Engage Customers

Auto show attendees are there for a reason, they love cars. You need to engage this targeted audience while you have the chance. Our car show models are an extension of your team and are trained as product demonstrators. Hiring a car show model to educating consumers and answer questions in a warm and friendly way is something customers will appreciate.


The TSM Agency helps auto manufacturers sta their shows with attractive car show models. Our car show models can field questions and have an intimate knowledge of the industry, they are not just a pretty face. The TSM agency auto show girls can educate consumers on a range of topics from towing capacity to torque rates.

We Will Exceed Your Expectations

We are familiar with the expectations of our auto industry clients and provide educated car show models to enthusiastically deliver your message to your audience. Our car show girls receive training and review automotive-related websites to develop their knowledge of your products as well as your competition. They study reviews and research automotive technology.

At the end of training, car show girls are able to handle the toughest questions from auto enthusiasts. Event attendees will be wowed by the knowledge and professionalism that these auto show models convey, in their presentations and interactions.

Expertise That Makes A Difference

TSM Agency car show girls know how important your auto show is to the brand and take working one seriously. They will study and know your product.

Our Car show models have years of sales experience and the confidence you need to educate the press and consumers about your newest automobiles.

Our account executives and management team are some of the most experienced in the industry. This means your projects run as smoothly as possible.


Any company or person that participates in an auto show or racing event needs a car show girl or auto show model.

The top 5 reasons you should hire car show girls

  • Education – consumers want to learn about your brand
  • Increase interest – interact with consumers
  • Experience – these models know how to work a show
  • Personality – auto shows should be a fun time
  • Additional staff – an extra set of hands never hurt

Auto shows are a big deal, with more happening every year. They consistently draw huge crowds and are some of the largest consumer shows in the world. Car show girls help your auto brand to engage customers and and enable a higher volume of customers to learn about your products. Auto companies or companies that make products for automobiles and hire models generate more leads. Auto show models help customers to leave the event with more positive feelings for your products. In a competitive market, any competitive advantage you can have will benefit your bottom line. Choosing and hiring car show girls is essential to your event success.

Experienced and capable auto show models are in high demand. Not every model is cut out for the demanding schedule, long days, the in-depth product knowledge required, or engaging the passionate and sometimes rabid car enthusiasts. Car show girls are some of the better paid promotional models in the industry, and they are worth every penny. Auto show models are not all created equal and hiring them through an agency is highly recommended.


Hiring car show girls is easy. Just contact an established model staffing agency, like the TSM Agency, who has experienced auto show models.

What information do I need to provide to receive a quote?

  • • Auto show or event name
  • • City – where do you need the model to be located or is traveling required
  • • Dates – what are all of the date you need your models
  • • Hours – what hours will your models be working
  • • Responsibilities – what is required of your model
  • • Attire – will you be providing or do you have something specific in mind

What we need for the day of the auto show

  • • Contact – provide contact information for someone on-site
  • • Location – we need a specific booth or lot
  • • Confirmation – review all information you provided

What the agency handles

  • • Finding your models
  • • Travel & logistics, if needed
  • • Interviews
  • • Communication
  • • Requirements
  • • Contracts

Having any of this information available when you contact the agency can save time and enable your account executive to provide a quote as quickly and accurately as possible..


Auto show model terminology may vary. To the casual observer, there may not be any difference between a car show girl and a NASCAR model. Here are the different types of auto show model staff and an overview of what they are.

Auto Show Models

Auto show girls work the largest car shows and often travel around the country representing a specific brand.

Car Show Girls

Car show girls work any of the thousands of national and local car shows or auto club events. They are almost always local models.

NASCAR girls

These models work NASCAR events and understand the different energy and requirements needed to work large crowds of rabid NASCAR fans.

Product demonstrators

Models hired to demonstrate or talk about products that support the auto industry. They can showcase your products and relate them to potential customers.

Flag Girls

Checkered flag girls, or car flag girls, make your auto racing event more enjoyable for the fans. From photo ops to passing out giveaways, these girls do it all.

Greeters and Crowd Gatherers

Models hired to assist with the large crowds that attend auto shows and racing events. They greet fans on your brand’s behalf, help with traffic, gather fans for announcements or the start of an event.

Whatever term you decide to refer to your car show girl as, be assured that all of our models for hire are excellent when interacting with crowds, and providing visitors with a positive first impression of your products.

Car show models can do more than just demo products and hand out literature or samples. They have experience learning information about your automobile or auto related products and will articulate essential information to attendess. They will add value and provide assistance that will positively impact your brand.


Cars are universal in their appeal. People from all over the globe are fanatical about cars. Auto shows are made for car lovers as well as industry insider only events. There are many auto shows around the United States and the world. From International shows that draw global companies to small local shows, if you enjoy cars, we recommend you find a show near you and attend.

Top 10 best auto shows in the USA

  1. Detroit Automobile Show
  2. New York Automobile Show
  3. Los Angeles Auto Show
  4. SEMA Car Show
  5. Atlanta International Automobile Show
  6. Philadelphia International Car Show
  7. Shows Famous in California
  8. Orange County Automobile Show
  9. Capitola Rod Car Show
  10. Oldies but Goodies Car Show

10 Biggest Auto Shows in the World

  1. Frankfurt International Automobile- Frankfurt Auto Show
  2. Paris Mondial de I’Automobile – Paris Auto Show
  3. North American International Auto Show – Detroit Auto Show
  4. International Geneva Motor Show
  5. The Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
  6. Pebble Beach Car Week
  7. Goodwood Festival of Speed
  8. Chicago Auto Show
  9. North American International Auto Show
  10. Tokyo Motor Show

Top 10 NASCAR Sprint Cup Races

  1. Daytona 500
  2. Brickyard 400
  3. Coca-Cola 600
  4. Ford 400
  5. Chevy Rock & Roll 400
  6. NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race
  7. Sharpie 500
  8. Pepsi 400
  9. UAW-Ford 500
  10. Sylvania 300


Auto shows are extremely popular amongst car enthusiasts and casual fans alike. They are some of the most higly attended shows in the country. The following list are considered by many to be the top five auto shows.

1. Chicago Auto Show

One of the nation’s largest and longest ruling auto shows. This show has the first year 1901. It has been held more than any other auto event on the continent. This show is broken down idiot special days which include a media preview, first look for charity, family day, women’s day, food drive, and Hispanic Heritage Day.

The Chicago Auto Show is currently held at Chicago’s McCormick Place complex and occupies over 1.2 million square feet. Exhibitors include domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks, sport utility vehicles, and concept cars. Nearly 1,0000 vehicles in total will be on display at this must-attend event.

2. North American International Auto Show Detroit, Michigan- NAIAS

Originally called the Detroit Auto Show, this event has been around since 1907, except for a ten-year stint during the second world war. The auto industries manufacturing eorts shifted to wartime production.

Detroit positions itself as the future of auto innovation. This show has the largest amount of the world’s top automotive and technology executives in attendance. Top industry news is often unveiled at this event. The North American International Auto Show is held at the Cobo Center and is broken down into press preview, the industry preview, charity preview, and the public show.

3. San Francisco International Auto Show

This show debuted in 1958 is the second largest car show in the Western United States. It used to be called the Import Car Show. This show highlights new introductions, the biggest selection of electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles plus the newest in driver assist and connectivity technology.

The San Francisco International Auto Show is held at the Moscone Center; both the north and south halls, the Gateway and Esplanade Ballrooms plus the north and south lobby and driveway areas.

4. New York International Auto Show

This show is the United Staes first automobile exhibition, having run since 1900. It features a collection of cutting-edge design and extraordinary innovation. Looking for the newest vehicles and latest futuristic concept cars? Then this is the show for you. Nearly 1,000 cars and trucks will be on display.

The New York International Auto Show is held at the Javits Convention Center with an invite only dealer preview session.

5. SEMA Car Show

The SEMA Show is unique in that it is held only for the automobile industry and not the general public. It is the premier automotive specialty products event in the world. SEMA originally stood for Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association, but this acronym was changed to Specialty Equipment Market Association to improve the image.

SEMA is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, networking opportunities, special events, and more. This trade event has over 2,500 new products on display and over 2,400 exhibition companies filling over one million square feet, making it the industry event to attend.



TSM Agency is alway on the lookout for new trade show models to present to our clients. Whether you have years of industry experience or want to give it a try, we recommend you fill out a tradeshow model application today.


A NASCAR girl is a car show model that is hired to work a NASCAR events. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing that sanctions and governs many auto-racing events. NASCAR http://www.nascar.com/ is the premier stock-car racing organization and has sanctioned over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in the USA and Canada.

With a fan base second only to the National Football League, NASCAR events are big business. The fans are why hiring NASCAR girls is so important; companies need a way to engage the large fanbase at events. NASCAR models know how to work the unique energy and fan base of these events. Auto event models are invaluable at interacting with crowds

Three types of national NASCAR series

  1. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
  2. NASCAR National Series
  3. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Top 5 Reasons fans love NASCAR- Besides the Cars

  1. Drivers – NASCAR drivers are real people. The average fan can relate to drivers more than they can to athletes in other sports. Drivers range in age from 18 to 68 years old and in generally are friendly people that will have a chat with you at their RV.
  2. Accessibility – NASCAR does a great job of bringing the live experience to fans. Cameras are everywhere; front bumpers, inside the car, on the roof, networks, pit crew helmets, and more. You can even use a scanner and list in on everything including the strategy of the crew chief.
  3. Shipping – if you are attending your first NASCAR event you will be overwhelmed with the number of souvenir stands. You will find shopping opportunities from the moment you enter the parking lot. Prices are good, so it is easy to show o what a big fan you are.
  4. Energy – With so many people joined sharing the same passion the energy is bound to be high. Couple that with the friendly partying, the cheers of tens of thousands of fans and all the excitement that comes with a NASCAR race and you have an atmosphere you won’t soon forget.
  5. Attractive girls – Not only can you enjoy the cars but the beautiful auto show girls are there too. Even women will admit, these girls make the event more enjoyable and fun. So enjoy and don’t be afraid to take a look!


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by Jeanette Phillips

There is always something about TSM Models that make them stand out from the rest. You showed a perfect blend of knowledge, professionalism, and uniqueness. All our car show girls have been amazingly valuable especially for the marketing department. Forget mascots and stuffed pandas; these models will get the job done better. There was awesome feedback from our fans, clients and our entire staff.

by Nick S.

Chelsea was honestly outstanding- She arrived early both days, was extremely courteous, polite and helpful and drove a ton of traffic to our cars. We already recommended her/TSM to partners of ours, as she’s such a good auto representative towards your agency.

by Ian S.

Holly did excellent work at the auto show, she always managed to attract a lot of attention and was able to explain all the features in the car. I think the TSM Agency has the best models. I always feel comfortable whenever we need staff for an auto show. Here is to many more shows!

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