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Product Demonstrators

Product demonstrators have excellent communication skills and are experienced at gathering crowds and catching the attention of trade show guests. They demonstrate product functionality and ease of use.


Product Demonstrators Increase Consumer Demand

Experience in sales or customer service is beneficial for product demonstrators.

A successful product demonstrator is passionate about the product represented. They are also able to motivate customers to purchase products or to take a predefined action. Product demonstrators are able to answer questions, explain product features and often provide samples.


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Our Promo Models Help Your Product Sell

Our promo models are able to interact with your customers to create a positive experience.

They exude enthusiasm as they represent your product. We offer a variety of bi-lingual and multi-lingual models that are able to interact with a variety of demographics.

Product demonstrators will bring your product to life for your customers. Our promo models understand that demonstrating products often entails standing for long periods of time, and can do so without complaint. They know how to push the product without coming on too strong. With proper training, our promo models can make potential customers aware of the features of your product and give them to information to make an informed purchasing decision. Contact the TSM Agency to hire a friendly and attractive product demonstrator.


Trade Show Demonstrators

Live demonstrators give event attendees a chance to see your product in action.

Over 75% of a trade show audience has purchasing influence, so it’s important attendees get a chance to see your product in action.

Hiring an attractive and experienced trade show product demonstrator is a great way to spotlight your product, while leaving your sales team free to answer questions. View our database to select the right promo model for your event.


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In-Store Product Demonstrators

A job as a product demonstrator often entails setting up and cleaning up a display, managing inventory, handing out coupons, and demonstrating how to use a product.

Our promotional models are able to interact with your customers to create a positive experience. They exude enthusiasm as they represent your product.


Rebecca (#893) was wonderful! She really was really beneficial to our event. She engaged people walking by and our Star Blitz photo booth was a tremendous success because of her. She worked really hard and was professional and friendly. I was very pleased with her as well as our executives from Singapore – they really liked her a lot! I’m so glad that things worked out the way they did.

We will use The TSM Agency in the future! Thanks for recommending Rebecca!

– Sheri Jameson

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