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Interpretors, Translators, and Bilingual Speakers

These models blend professionalism, language skills and customer service experience to connect your company with its non-English speaking audience. Don’t loose business opportunities or create confusion by not being able to communicate critical or complicated product or service features or benefits with prospective buyers.


Don’t Let a Language Barrier Get in Your Way

Hiring bi-lingual and multi-lingual models will give you the edge you need to communicate with your customers.

Regardless of the language, our staff can facilitate communications between you and your customers.

For our clients who are not as comfortable speaking English, we offer local staff that can assist you with your communication needs. Our interpreters can welcome visitors, learn a basic pitch of your products or services, and translate for you and your potential customers.


Bridge the Language Gap with Your Customers

The TSM Agency is a leading provider of interpreters, translators, and multi-lingual staff in the United States and Canada.

We have talent in every major market that speaks a wide variety of languages. The TSM Agency can provide attractive and experienced interpreters that meet your requirements. Our talented models have fantastic communication skills.


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