Finding dependable help when you travel for an important event is a daunting task. You want
reliable help that understands your brand and reflects your image accordingly. Everyone
thinks they can provide this level of talent, but few truly can. The TSM Agency is there for you.
Our owners are a husband and wife team of ex-models who understand both sides of the
business. We also have established relationships and loyalty from the industries finest
professional models that enable us to sta any job, in any location; over 200 cities and 20,000
models in our database.

What does this mean for you? Peace of mind, knowing you have the most reliable and experienced
staff and support team in the industry. Talk to an account executive today to learn more!

Why The TSM Agency?

The TSM Agency has a corporate focus and we are experts in marketing & branding.

National reach and established relationships enable us to efficiently staff jobs in most cities through the United States and Canada. We are able to staff events of any size (We once staffed 130 models at a single event).

We understand what it takes to provide quality talent that meets the unique challenges your of event. Our job is to make our clients look good and provide Return on Investment (ROI) through increased sales and leads.

We do this by:

Locating quality personal that match
your goals.

Preparing and educating our staff, informing them of show goals, client expectations, and company information.

Executing the many logistical tasks required, including contracts and payment.



Trade shows and promotional events are one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and prospects. To ensure a return on investment (ROI) from a Marketing event, a company
must extract value from interactions. Our friendly and professional models are trained to reach your customers.


  • Generating more leads and trac to your location.
  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Assisting you with the many tasks required during an event.
  • Educating consumers
  • Monitoring and distributing materials or products.
  • Prescreening and determining the quality of leads.
  • Saving on hotel and airfare by hiring local talent.


Our goal at the TSM Agency is to help you make the most of your trade show or promotional event. We
do this by providing staff that matches your objectives.

You can rely on us to manage the staffing logistics of your event from start to finish. Our
responsibilities will include:


Identifying models that fit your criteria;
whether they are physical attributes, personality based,
education or location focused.


Once models are located that match your criteria, an
account executive will screen all candidates to make


Prior to events, every model is provided with tips and
beneficial information to prepare for your event and help
make it a success!


Models are independent contractors, and many set their
rates. We will find a model with the experience level to
match your budget.


The TSM Agency is the first agency to use a tiered model
stang approach to best match our talent with client’s


Act as a liaison between sta and client to ensure
everyone is on the same page. Important information
such as booth number, times, locations, parking, contact
person, attire, shifts and any other unique event requests
are coordinated.


Models are provided information regarding best practices
and instructed on what to do to make a positive
impression on your attendees. If product or service
education is required, we will assist with providing links
or material for the models to read.


Independent contractors will be paid promptly and based
on the final contract amount. 1099 forms are managed by
the agency, and you have no additional responsibilities.


Account executives are in constant communication with
your sta up to the day of the show. If we receive any
indication that a model will not be able to work, our sta
is on hand to work on finding a replacement model. If for
any reason a replacement is not possible, reimbursement
will be issued accordingly.


To continually provide the finest talent available we will
ask you for feedback on your sta. Your feedback will
impact the model’s future working relationship with The
TSM Agency. We ask that you take it seriously as you have
also benefited from this important step.


The TSM Agency has staffed every job imaginable since 1998. From auto models for Ferrari, 120
models for the opening day of the NFL season in Las Vegas, and many small one day shows requiring a
single model, we have staffed it.

Contact us to learn how we can help make your next promotion or trade show a success!


The TSM Agency stas more trade
shows than any other type of event.
After stang thousands of these
events, we know what it takes and
have seen the many benefits of hiring
models from our happy clients.

Our models increase consumer interest
in a brand’s products and services,
engage large numbers of attendees,
and qualify or generated more leads.


Promotional events cover most events
that are not trade shows. The goals are
typically the same, draw attention and
increase attention to your company.

Promo models focus on
communicating product information,
are attractive, and educated in
consumer marketing and sales.
Reflecting your brand to meet your
specifications is a requirement.


Often companies need a young person
who reflects their brand in a positive
way to fill a position. Our models
typically have experience in
administrative, assistant roles,
marketing or sales.

Attractive sta with the experience you
require – our models have a strong
work ethic, selling skills, great
communication, and confidence. The
transferable skills could be perfect for
your open position.

I want to thank you for your excellent recommendation. Courtney was a very good match for our tradeshow
eorts. She was ENERGETIC & SELFMOTIVATED even during the slow times. I greatly appreciated that about her.

I think her previous sales experience added extra value allowing for the perception that she could be a TAKK
staer and not a show model. This was our intent and the edge we were looking for.

She has one of those personalities that make her enjoyable to work with, in part because she made us feel that
she had interest in our success at the show. You did good by us!




We believe it is our job to deliver a quality model to fit every budget and opportunity.
Give us a call or email us, and we can discuss your requirements.

Once we’ve received confirmation that pricing has been reviewed and accepted, we can begin working on
staffing your event. When your model(s) have been finalized your account executive will prepare and send you
an agreement. You should return the agreement within 24-48 hours. We cannot reserve models without a
completed agreement. A model’s availability is subject to change until officially booked.

Start attracting more attention and convert leads into paying customers with TSM Agency staff!

The TSM Agency

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Weekdays Monday - Friday
8:30 - 5:30
Weekends & Holidays - We are closed
We do offer off hour support to our clients
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