TSM Agency Member Requirements

Minimal Requirements

Welcome to the TSM Agency!  We are excited that you’ve decided to join North America’s #1 trade show and promotional modeling website; a model community for only models – no photographers, no agencies, only models.

This is phase one of our website and we will be launching additional functionality over the coming months designed to help you, the models, with your careers.

Bio Requirements

You are asked to provide a short bio as part of your application. You may elect to include a resume but that is not required. Please include experience, goals, or any other relevant information. We would prefer you provide more information rather than less. Sell yourself, but don’t make it sound like a personal ad.

Your Profile Must Be Your Own

Model managers or agencies are not allowed. Profiles must be those of the member it is representing.

You Must Be 18

Members must be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions. Any individual who has created a TSM Agency profile and is under 18 will be removed upon discovery.

Provide a Minimum of 4 Different Photos

At least four different photos are required for all accounts and at all times. Profiles with less than 4 photos may be accepted for the private model portal and for agency review but will not show up on the public website.

One photo must clearly show your face. We recommend a minimum of one clear headshot, and one clear full-length body shot. When uploading additional images, try to include pictures that show off your personality; clients gravitate toward profiles that contain a variety of photos.

Take a look at other approved models images to get an idea of what works.

Quality Images Required

Only applications with quality photos will show up on the public site. Profiles with less than professional photos may be accepted for the private model portal and for agency review. Whether they show up on the public website is at reviewers discretion. Examples of photos that do not typically meet our quality standards include self-taken camera shots, mirror shots, webcam or screen grabs, over or under exposed images or overly touched up images.

Image Size

We do not accept images with less than 400 pixels on any dimension, and we recommend a minimum of 500 pixels.  Large image submissions will be automatically resized. Please keep your images to a reasonable file size. The maximum accepted image size is 2MB.

If your photos are not uploading you may want to check the file size.

No Pornography

Pornographic material is not allowed. Nude images are acceptable and in the future you will have the ability to make multiple portfolios for different image types.

Copyrighted Images

Your uploaded photos must be your property or you must have permission from the copyright owner. We take copyright laws seriously. Please make sure you have written permission from all copyright holder(s) to display images in your portfolio.


Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Booth babe is a slang term for trade show models or convention models.

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