It was such a pleasure working with TSM!  I had a wonderful experience working a medical trade show through them.  The agent was very respectful and diligent about corresponding with me.  I felt confident that she would get right back to me if I needed to get in touch with her.  I would absolutely recommend TSM to any trade show model.   Give the job you’re best effort and you’re sure to do really well with them!

I LOVE working with TSM! They are very organized and professional. They respond quickly to any emails you send them. The pay is great, and best part of all... you receive your check within a week or so, unlike many other companies. This is the best promotional company that I have ever worked for! I highly recommend working with them.

I have been a part of TSM agency for a little over two years now and it truly has been a pleasure working with them and representing their company. I honestly have nothing but positive things to say about their staff and their professionalism. The events I have worked through TSM are always very organized and well planned out, which helps make my job a lot easier. I am honored to be apart of the TSM Agency team and am excited for my future with them!

I have been working with TSM for several years and they are by far one of my favorite agencies to work for. They are super organized, reliable and professional and committed to making sure both their models and clients are happy. Ive worked with a lot of agencies over the years so I know this is not always the case! I believe that when an agency treats their models well it creates a better working relationship and commitment to success for all parties involved. I look forward to booking events with TSM and helping to make their clients trade shows successful for years to come!

Trade Show Models (TSM) is a breath of fresh air A very professional, respectable agency to work with that keeps great communication, schedules wonderful clients to work with and hires the top notch models in the industry. TSM pays their models in a timely fashion compared to most agencies. I am so happy to be a part of the TSM team! Add some MOJO, Melissa Jo Hunter (me) to your next project through Trade Show Models now!

I have nothing but great things to say about TSM They are organized, professional, responsive, and they make sure their models are taken care of. They are seriously one of the best agencies out there. Shana is a true pleasure to work with, I wish more booking agents in the industry were as coordinated as her. I look forward to many more events with TSM!

Shana was very professional about my job titles and was nice enough to answer any questions I had. They paid very well and might I add, they paid very quickly too! It was 5-7 days. I hope to work with them more.
chantal marie-model-las vegas291

Coming from a performance background in high-caliber production shows, professionalism, reliability, attention to detail, organization, and accurate and updated information are all very important to me. When I accept a contract with Shana and the TSM team, particularly for tradeshows, I know those are the polished standards I can expect to work in! That ranks TSM at the top of my list of agencies! Thanks Shana!!

As a full time promotional model I've worked with many promotional agencies. Without a doubt: TSM is my favorite! They offer great work and Shana is such a pleasure to work with. She is always easy to reach and meticulous with event details, which consistently leads to successful and fun promotions. On top of all that, TSM sends checks faster than any other agency! I truly appreciate the effort they put into the jobs they offer.

I have been with Tradeshow Models for a while and I must say that they are by far my favorite agency to work for. I love working for Shana! She is an amazing booker and always professional. She is always on top of her game and making sure that everything runs smoothly. The clients that I have worked with were all amazing and also professional. Tradeshow Models is a fun and my favorite agency to work for!

I absolutely love working for TSM they are always professional and caring. Not only are the events I work great opportunities , the clients are all fantastic. Whenever I get an email from Shana regarding an event, I always clear my schedule to devote 100% of myself to each event. TSM always pays incredibly fair and always on time. TSM is by far my favorite agency, and I cannot wait to see what the next event I work will be!

Just wanted to drop a note to say how much I've enjoyed working with TSM. My entire experience- from onboarding to the event to getting my check early-- was flawless. TSM definitely tops other agencies I've worked with!

I have worked with the TSM agency multiple times As a model with 5-years experience in the industry , I must say that the TSM agency is the number one priority in my schedule. The reasons are simple but extremely important: they are very professional, clear and easy job descriptions, fast communication, the best reputation and range of clients,they work only with big events, payments are always very fast , and they are very polite not only to clients but to models as well. After my first time working with my agent Shana Leo, I totally trust this agency and always recommend her at events when people ask for my representative. I hope that the TSM agency keeps growing and I will be happy to keep working for them.

I am so grateful to Tradeshow models for giving me my first Modeling job for Olay Pro X! They are always looking out for their clients as well as their models! They are always on time,if not early, with payments after events worked. TSM is first class!

The TSM Agency has been an absolute delight to work for! Shana is so organized and professional, it makes a seamless transition from client to model. I always felt like The TSM Agency prepared me for each promotion well with detailed instructions on attire, on-site contact information, and adequate product information. Plus, their turnaround time for payment is a fraction of what it is for other agencies!

TSM Agency is a pleasure to work for I have been working in this industry for 18 years now & I can easily say that TSM is Professional, Friendly & Trustworthy. I have had the honor to work several jobs for TSM over the past few years and the process from beginning to end is seamless! Shana is an absolute sweetheart & I look forward to a long lasting working relationship with TSM.

I just wanted to say what a great experience I have had with with The TSM Agency. I have been a part of The TSM Agency as a Promotional Model for 5+ years and throughout those 5 years I have lived in 3 different states. Each move I found, that even though everything else in my life was changing, The TSM Agency stayed the same. Every move I made, the The TSM Agency’s staff kept flexible, doing everything they could to help me out. Around 3 years ago, I moved back to my home in Atlanta, GA and was introduced to Shana at The TSM Agency. Shana and I instantly developed a wonderful working relationship, she is trustworthy, dependable, hard working, and the list goes on. I owe a lot of my success to Shana as well as The TSM Agency. It is an honor to have the whole TSM Agency team represent me.

The TSM Agency has always been on my list of top agencies so I was even more impressed working with TSM for BA Insights Share Point Conference in Las Vegas. From the client introduction emails to meeting them in person; Rebekah and staff made sure we were comfortable and we felt like a part of their team. We were commended by all on a daily basis for a job well done and for our astonishing lead counts. Professionalism, rapport and teamwork is what BA Insights exemplified and it would be great joy to work for them through The TSM Agency again!

When a lot is riding on a convention you have to be sure I have been represented by the The TSM Agency for 3 years that the outcomes will be positive and effective. If you want real marketing that works, along with beautiful, intelligent and outgoing models and a staff that caters to detail and perfection, use The TSM Agency! I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing strong team of agents. I've been professionally modeling my whole life and started with The TSM Agency in 2005 when I was living on the East Coast. Together, over the past 7 years we've successfully assisted hundreds of clients at trade shows, promos, fashion shows and photo shoots. I can’t thank The TSM Agency enough for helping me in getting where I am today with my modeling career.

I have been represented by the The TSM Agency for 3 years now and truly enjoy working for a company that provides me with great opportunities at the best shows in Chicago, working for great companies! I consistently receive castings and always have a great experience from securing the casting, enjoying a great working environment, to getting the check in the mail right away. I always recommend The TSM Agency to my model friends because of my amazing experience and of course a great pay.

There are many things that distinguish The TSM Agency from other companies. The staff is extremely friendly, professional and timely. Pay is always above standard and is usually mailed out within days, which is rarity in this industry. The events I've had the pleasure of working have been a blast, including my favorite; the IMATS. I look forward to working again with Shana Leo and the rest of the crew at The TSM Agency.
maiya-model-new orleans295

My experience with The TSM has been fabulous! They have always been reachable if I needed any information on a promo and very helpful! The TSM Agency is great!

I absolutely love working with The TSM Agency models They are reliable, professional, and are amazing liaisons between great clients and fantastic models. By far the number one modeling & staffing agency!

The TSM Agency are always extremely professional and detailed They make sure their models are comfortable with their job and have all the details necessary. They are always very responsive and helpful with any questions or concerns. They provide industry standard pay and pay on time and quickly. The TSM Agency is a great company to work on behalf of!

Working with The TSM Agency has been a seamless process for each booking, even when it could have been complicated due to the nature of the transaction, Shana is easy-going and made it happen! They really do try to ensure that their talent is receiving fair pay and benefits, which is greatly appreciated. I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience with The TSM Agency and their Account Executives! I look forward to working more events in the future!

I'm very happy with my first experience with TSM in comparison to other agencies. I had all the resources I needed to perform well and the event was a success. I look forward to doing it again.

I have been working with TSM for several years and it is always a pleasure to work through this agency. Shana Leo and her team are professional and communicative with the talent and have always placed me with top notch clients. I highly recommend TSM for both clients and models. TSM is raising the bar for the modeling industry and I always look forward to working with them!

TSM is an amazing agency! The events I've worked with them have been amazing. The clients that they work with are a dream team and I was so fortunate to make the connection. They are so professional in making sure that everything is set up before the actual events and communication is stellar. I have no complaints, other than selfishly wanting to work with them more often!

I have worked for TSM for a few years now, and their events are well-organized, their clients respectful, and my fellow models are articulate and personable. I really appreciate how much information is provided in regards to upcoming events and the advance notice we have once we book an event. Thank you TSM for being such a pleasure to work for!

I love working with TSM! They are always so helpful with any booking question that I have. Unlike other companies they always pay in a quick timeframe which I know is something people are always curious about. Another reason they stand out is the way they make you feel like an asset to their agency. It's nice to feel appreciated. Great company to work with, thank you TSM!!

I've been working with Shana and TSM representing a variety of clients for over 7 years now and have had nothing but positive experiences. From working trade shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Chicago, TSM has a great reputation. I always feel confident that I'm prepared for the job and set up for success no matter what the event, trade show or modeling opportunity I'm working. I appreciate their professionalism.
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