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The TSM Agency has previously staffed professional models for a variety of well-known companies and brands across the United States and Canada. These companies have recognized that it is easy to stand out when you hire promotional staff or trade show models. Having a model to show off your product or service will draw attention to whatever you’re trying to sell. It will pull people in so they have the chance to see what your company or brand is all about. We have the ability and the resources to staff trade show models, promotional models, corporate models and much more in any city with our extensive database of over 25,000 models. Our multinational reach lets us connect with a wide variety of clients. Hiring models is beneficial for any company whether its business is food and drinks, alcoholic beverages, electronics, finance, apparel, non-profits, or resorts. The TSM Agency has worked with food and drink companies such as Applebee’s, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Evian, Grey Goose, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, and Subway. We have worked with electronics companies, for example, Sennheiser, which offers headphones, microphones and wireless systems and TE Connectivity, which is active in the automotive, broadband connectivity, energy and industrial and consumer markets. The TSM Agency has worked with car companies such as Ferrari and Porsche. We have been sought after by the premier global financial services firm, Morgan Stanley. We have worked with apparel companies such as Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. Sports companies such as ESPN and Technogym have obtained our services. The Walt Disney Company has used the TSM Agency for both Walt Disney World Resort and for Marvel. Even the American Lung Association, a non profit, has benefited from the use of the TSM Agency. Other companies that have used the TSM Agency are the radio station 92.9 The Game, and the wall decals company

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