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Temporary Positions Temp-To-Hire

Temporary and temp-to-hire staffing positions give employers the flexibility to quickly bring on new staff without any long-term commitment. This arrangement is a great way to reduce the risk of hiring an employee who is a poor fit for the company or position.


Fill Temp-to-Hire Positions

Temp-to-hire employment positions provide both parties the opportunity of a trial run before committing to anything permanent.

They give employees a chance to get their foot in the door with a company they’re interested in. This also gives an employer the opportunity to access the performance of the temp and make an informed decision about keeping them on full time.

Many times potential employees interview well, but fail to back their talk up when they start the job. Temp-to-hire employment eliminates this negative situation, and is essentially a trial to ensure the potential employee is a good fit for the position and the company culture. Don’t waste more time trying to fill a vacancy, contact the TSM Agency today!


Keep Your Tournament Running Smoothly

Our models are trained in course etiquette.

They know to never interfere with play, will help to keep the course clean by replacing divots, and even encourage applause when appropriate. They are extremely dependable and hardworking. Make your next golf event or outing one to remember by hiring our golf outing hostesses.


Temporary Staffing Solutions

Never turn down a project because you don’t have the staff to complete a task.

Temporary positions are an ideal solution for companies with a fluctuating workload or seasonal companies. Temporary staffing positions vary from several days to several months depending on the needs of the company.

Temp positions give employers the flexibility to quickly bring on new staff without any long-term commitment. Companies often bring on temporary staff to meet project deadlines for their clients. Temp employees save your staff from getting burnt out by less technical administrative tasks. Many of our models are college educated and have the experience to easily step into a position without requiring excessive training. contact us to get started!


Carolina was great…very professional, nice personality and easy to work with. We will definitely hire her and use your services again in the future…thanks for all your help.”

– Scott S.

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